Colette Raptosh

I aspire to be a professional fashion designer with a high end clothes line for formal attire. Two years ago I took my first sewing class and haven't stopped sewing since. I started making homecoming, prom, and wedding dresses. I love traveling (especially plane rides), Nutella on top of almost anything, and sunshine. I am so excited to see where my designs end up. I am 17 years old, living in Boise, Idaho and currently attending Capital High School as a senior. 

I also am actively involved in the community and co-own a student run organization called People for Unity. Our goal is to spark intergenerational connections and promote gender equity, racial, economic, and environmental justice, reproductive rights, and civil rights for all. We promote this through peaceful action such as: marches, rallies, and meetings We love to get students of all ages involved in their local government.

Instagram: @peopleforunity



Colette J. Raptosh

P.O. Box 306

Boise, ID 83701-0306