Women's March on Idaho

For the past three months my heart and soul have been put into planning the Women's March on Idaho. Nora Harren and I (People for Unity.) felt like proud parents seeing our work efforts make their first steps toward equality. My life has forever been changed by this powerful experience. We gather in numbers rarely seen in Idaho (7,000+). We displayed love and acceptance in a state that rarely flaunts it. We gathered to support diversity and respect in a state that ranks in the bottom five in reproductive rights, equal pay, and more.

Yesterday I was proud to be and Idahoan and today I am proud to be marching on this journey with my fellow Idahoans. 

Nora has again and again shown me that I am the luckiest person in the world. I could never have gotten a better partner in crime.  We had to deal with so many bumps in the road together but I am so happy she was by my side. Nora will always have my back and love. 

The march sent shivers down my back and the turn out was humbling. Yesterday will go down in history as one of the biggest women's rights movements. I am so honored to be apart of something as beautiful as what I witnessed yesterday.  

As a community, as a woman, as a human rights supporter lets move forward on our march towards change and equality. 

However long our journey is...

I will be marching with you.

-Colette Raptosh

Link to Women's March Photos

Photo: Ellen Hansen. 7000+ people gathered in Boise, Idaho on Saturday January, 21st 2017